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Rubber Duck Lab

A nonprofit education-innovation organization

Committed to Community & Education

Active-Books, Tech-Talks, & Free Printables

Volunteer, Collaborate, Share, & Donate

What will you discover today?

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New activities, experiments, and projects are added weekly that you can print or download to do at home; and best of all they are always FREE for members!

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Every month receive one of our exclusive RDL Active-Books in the mail along with a collectible achievement pin! Choose from 3 different academic levels. We even offer sibling discounts!

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Engaging k-12 learners like never before with a project-based, multimodal, cross-curricular approach. And did we mention the collectable pins?

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Get involved and help us promote education in the community through our


program, free memberships, and educational materials.

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We have created videos and step-by-step guides for many of our printables and Active-Books while Tech-Talks dive deeper into a variety of subjects.

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When it comes to education, collaboration is key. That is why we look for new academic resources, research, partners, and developments ... and we want to share it all with you!

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

Practicing What We Teach


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Collaborations with students, families, supporters, and STEM professionals help RDL produce specialized, meaningful, artistic, relevant, and timely materials. Thank you for helping us make SMART content and curriculum.


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RDL works with universities and researchers to boost science communication so that k-12 students can benefit more from innovations and new discoveries. We also design broader impact plans to get science into our communities.

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Education is a Right Not a Privilege

From underfunded k-12 programs to racial and economic segregation, millions of students are denied a full education. At RDL we are increasing access to educational materials by donating one Active-Book for every one that is purchased. 

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Give Your Best Away For Free

The best way to learn is by doing, and we think everyone should have the opportunity to learn by doing. This is why every week you will find new projects, experiments, or activities on our website available for FREE download.


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 Support Educators, Artists & Makers

At RDL we love the teachers, artists, and makers who inspire students to learn and discover more. This is why part of our mission is providing them with curriculum development jobs rather than asking them to volunteer their already overburdened time.

education is a


not a privilege


Like what you see?

Rubber Duck Lab is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and we rely on the tax deductible donations and support of users like you to keep doing the work we do, like increasing equitable access to education ... and keeping our lights on.