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At Rubber Duck Lab, we believe the best way to learn is by doing. That is why we created Active-Books, a cross-curricular, multi-modal, project-based topic study that students actually find engaging. Plus, each Active-Book comes with a unique RDL exclusive achievement pin!

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Active-Book FAQ
What are Active-Books?

Rubber Duck Lab Active-Books are cross-curricular, multimodal, project-based topic studies that can be downloaded as a PDF or purchased as a physical booklet complete with an achievement pin. RDL produces specialized, meaningful, artistic, relevant, and timely curriculum for each of our Active-Books. We feel taking the SMART approach helps students to be more engaged and for families to be confident in the quality of educational materials that we delivery.


Your downloaded or physical copy RDL Activity-Book includes:

  • One 16, 20, or 24-page Active-Book filled with inspiring and engaging content for independent learners, collaborations, and family learning opportunities.

  • STEM focused with healthy doses of history and language arts.

  • Hands-on projects that get kids away from the screen and engaging their imaginations.

  • Activity pages and supporting materials for at home learning.

  • RDL recommended sources and resources to keep the ah-ha moments going.

  • New collectable enamel achievement pin (or a digital badge for members who download their Active-Books)!

New topics and Active-Books are released each month.​

What academic levels are Active-Books written for?

RDL Active-Books are available in 3 different academic levels: Elementary (16-pages), Middle School (20-pages) and High School (24-pages). Each academic level covers the same topic but presents the information differently based on the assumed ages of the reader. In general: 

  • Elementary level Active-Books feature more hands-on projects that demonstrate the academic topics discussed in the text and are intended to encourage both independent and family learning. 

  • Middle School level Active-Books provide a more in-depth exploration of the topic then the Elementary level with hands-on projects that can be completed independently or collaboratively. The projects at this level tend to focus more on science, math, and critical thinking. 

  • High School level Active-Books are designed specifically with older student in mind combining 21st century skill development, STEM projects, analytical content, and critical thinking. These Active-Books are written at a higher academic level and encourage independent learning through thought provoking questions, additional projects or experiments demonstrating the academic topic, and by providing resources for further deeper study. 

Rubber Duck Lab also provides a wide range of free downloadable or printable materials as well. Many of these are ideal for younger learners as they focus on the hands-on STEM projects featured in the Active-Books and are intended for collaborative and family learning. ​Check them out now by clicking here.

How does the BOGO Work? What is Buy One, Gift One?

At Rubber Duck Lab BOGO stands for Buy One, Gift One. No, this doesn't mean that when you buy an Active-Book for your darling little one that you then get to gift one to your niece as well. Rather, BOGO means that for EVERY Active-Book purchased through the Rubber Duck Lab website our organization GIFTS, or donates, one Active-Book to a student in need of educational materials and resources. We distribute these a few times a year in partnership with Soroptimist International of Santa Clara Silicon Valley at their HomeSafe Housing birthday parties and their Family Assistance Christmas Store. To learn more about Soroptimist International of Santa Clara Silicon Valley please click here. To donate directly to RDL's Active-Book Gifting Project please contact us by clicking here

BOGO only applies to physical Active-Book purchases. Monthly subscriptions and digital downloads are excluded. 

Why would I buy an Active-Book when I can get the projects inside for free?

Active-Books give you a deeper dive into the topics our free printables get you excited about. In an Active-Book you won't just learn about how to make an upcycled bird feeder, you will learn all about sustainability, the start of the environmental movement, new technology breakthroughs in renewable energy, all the cool lingo to make you sound like you can talk the talk while you're walking the walk. Active-Books are cross-curricular, multimodal, project-based, other-hyphenated--hybrid-awesomeness topic studies that get students engaging at least 4 of their 5 senses (we don't usually encourage eating your Active-Book). So check it out and see what you think... you won't be disappointed.​

Oh, and did we mention the achievement pins? 

What pedagogies and methodologies are reflected in RDL Active-Books? 

At RDL we take a SMART approach to curriculum and educational materials development. This means that everything we create is specific, meaningful, artistic, relevant, and timely. RDL Team members and management alike stay up-to-date on current educational trends, scientific studies, and child development philosophies. We never implement a new pedagogie, approach, or methodology unless it has been backed by peer reviewed science and shown to positively impact the emotional and mental growth of students.  

However, in a nutshell, you can describe our approach as project-based learning that supports next generation science standards, helps students develop critical 21st century skills, and while being STEM centric uses this focus to explore english, history, and liberal-arts topics as well. By doing so, we at RDL guarantee that every Active-Book provides a well rounded, cross-curricular, multimodal approach to education.  

What are these achievement pins I keep hearing about?

Only the best new collectable since pogs, happy-meal toys, pokemon cards... well, we think they are that cool. Every Active-Book comes with an enamel pin customized special for the material in that Active-Book. The Pin is a fun was for you and your kids to track the activities and learning you have done with RDL. Each pin has been custom designed by our Director of Media, Justin Gabaldon, and he is really excited about all the designs that are currently in production and drawings scattering his desk! Right now some of the designs in production include a spyglass, rubber duck, and paper airplane. Can you guess which curriculums these go with?

These pins are small though, about 1 inch in diameter, and come with a small backing making the pins a choking hazard for children under 3 years old... or adults who have the habit of chewing on things... that's right Nathan, we're looking at you and all those exploded pens!  

Additionally, for those RDL Members who choose a digital, rather than physical, copy of their Active-Book a digital badge will be added to their member account. 

Have a question? Write it below and a RDL Team member will reply shortly.


Like what you see?

Rubber Duck Lab is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and we rely on the tax deductible donations and support of users like you to keep doing the work we do, like bringing you these Active-Books ... and you know, keeping our lights on.

Rubber Duck Lab

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