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100% of your donations goes to providing equitable access to project-based learning, 21st century skill development, and new technologies through the production of SMART educational materials.

100% Of Your Donation Goes Toward Rubber Duck Lab's Mission

At Rubber Duck Lab we always strive to practice what we teach. Our curriculum, materials, and resources are all designed to increase equitable access to high quality education through project-based learning, 21st century skill development, and new technologies. But what does that actually mean?

It means that we promote collaborative experiences focused on positive communication because these skills are the basis for a successful life. To do this we provide jobs and support for educators, artists, and makers who know how to make learning fun and engaging. But most importantly, we give away as much as we can for free because education is a right and access to high quality education should be available to all. 

When you make a donation to Rubber Duck Lab you can be assured that 100% of your donation goes to helping us practice what we teach and achieving our mission.



Education is a Right Not a Privilege
Give Your Best Away For Free
 Support Educators, Artists & Makers

We Cannot Thank You Enough For Your Support

Though there may not be words sufficient to express our gratitude for your donation or monthly gift, we home that our exclusive "thank you gifts" help to demonstrate our appreciation. Your support makes learning happen. 

Customize Your Giving

At Rubber Duck Lab we appreciate support, gifts, and donations in any form. To provide a donation in a custom amount please use the Donate button below and use PayPal to complete your transaction. A Rubber Duck Lab Team member will contact you within 3-business days to thank you and arrange for a custom gift based on your donation.

To arrange for a legacy gift, continued giving, partnership, or if you have questions about making a donation, please contact us for more information.

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Your monthly subscription helps us to keep producing SMART educational materials.


Help the RDL Team by testing projects, making videos, and sharing your experiences.

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Online, in the comments, or drop us an email. Showing up, even digitally, lets us know you care.


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Rubber Duck Lab is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and we rely on the tax deductible donations and support of users like you to keep doing the work we do; like bringing you great educational content ... and you know, keeping our lights on.

Rubber Duck Lab

A ​nonprofit education-innovation organization promoting equitable access to project-based learning ​and 21st century technology ​through active exploration, collaboration, and creativity.


Phone: 408-915-5486

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