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The Day of the Dead / Día de Muertos

November 2nd is the Day of the Dead! It’s a Mexican cultural holiday in which family and friends gather, pray for, and celebrate who have passed away. Since gathering with family may not be possible this year, you can remember privately by creating a personal ofrenda for someone important to you.

¡El segundo de Noviembre es Día de Muertos! Día de Muertos es una celebración mexicana en donde la familia y los amigos se reúnen, celebran y recuerdan a todos los que han muerto. Se parece que reunirse con la familia no es posible este año, entonces puedes recordar a alguien importante en tu vida en privado cuando creas una ofrenda personal.

Pumpkin Patch Party

October 26 is National Pumpkin Day! Rubber Duck Lab invites you to our FUN Pumpkin Patch Party.  This long-term activity will start from germinating pumpkin seeds with decaying pumpkin shells to harvesting pumpkins from your garden. 

Leif Erikson

October 9 is Leif Erikson day! RDL presents a FREE, printable one-pager that explores his journey with the Vikings across the Atlantic to distant areas of the world.
He is widely credited with being the first known European to visit the North American continent, and he did it approximately half a millennium before Christopher Columbus.

Child Health Day

Each year, the first Monday in October is National Child Health Day! To celebrate our healthy bodies, we will learn about the complex Human Digestive System and how it works by creating a body portrait that is also a maze.

Fall Equinox

The word “Equinox” literally means “equal night,” and it marks the two times a year when day and night are equal because the sun aligns with the equator, or at least pretty darn close. This year, the Fall Equinox, or autumnal equinox, will occurred on September 22nd at 9:30 am EST but can occur anytime between September 21st – 24th. Download this Fun Facts Sheet for a full explanation as to why there are not exactly 12 hours of light and 12-hours of dark on the equinox and about the Earth’s axial tilt and orbit around the Sun.

What Is Electricity?

Have you ever wondered how the electricity in your home works? Or what is happening when you generate a small electric shock from static? In this PDF download you will explore that very topic in a collection of awesome experiments for all ages.

Non-Newtonian Fluids - Oobleck

What is a non-Newtonian fluid? For that matter, what is a Newtonian fluid? Found out in this Mini-Book guide to the chemistry and physics of non-Newtonian fluids. Your PDF download comes complete with scientific jargon, fun facts, a recipe for making your own non-Newtonian fluid oobleck, and a list of experiments to do with your oobleck.

Monarch Mystery

Learn all about the western migratory monarch including their biology, behavior, and habitat. This PDF also features information and activities for at home scientists to help professional scientists and researchers solve the mystery surrounding western monarch population crash.

Paper Airplane Engineer

Designing and building your own paper airplanes is a fun way to learn about aerodynamics... but it's also a great opportunity to practice design thinking, problem solving, and project planning skills. In this -one-page free download learn how profesional Air Force engineers apply the scientific method to modern aircraft design and future project prototyping. Your PDF includes step-by-step instructions for building and testing a paper airplane, suggestions for open-ended design modifications, and ideas on following the scientific method (especially data collection) to improve your future creations.

How do electrons turn on a light bulb?

We might not be able to see the electrons that make our electronics work, but we sure can see their effects. This one-page Fun Facts Sheet explains just how electrons work to turn on a light bulb and make our favorite devices power on.

Static Cling Experiment

Learn about electricity and static buildup through these fun, and SHOCKING, experiments. These fun, hair raising, activities introduce students to physics and the power of electricity. Your FREE download comes with a one-page PDF containing multiple experiments related to static cling.

Oobleck Experiment

What is a non-Newtonian fluid? For that matter, what is a Newtonian fluid? Start answering these questions by following this simple recipe to make your own oobleck. Your free PDF download is a one-pager with step-by-step instructions on making the Non-Newtonian fluid commonly known as oobleck as well as a couple experimental variations.


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