Every four years in the United States, on the first Tuesday of November, we hold a federal election to determine not only who the next President of the United States will be, but also who our other elected officials will be. In this Active-Book we explore the topic of government in the US. Along with history and civics, the RDL Team shares great projects about statistics, mathematical calculations, social sciences, and other STEM topics to better understand the impact of US elections and the function of our government. 


 The goal of this Active-book is to understand the history and functions of the Election and Government system in the US, including the uniqueness of Tribal government.

Throughout this Active-Book, you will get to know more details of different levels of governments and how they impact our daily lives. 

 There are different types of election systems in the US, and you will get to experience how mathematical numbers can be used to change the results of a vote through the Electoral College.

Once you're familiar with the US Government and Election system, it is then time to get involved- Make your voice heard. There are a lot of different ways to advocate for what you believe -even with fashion apparel! 


Rubber Duck Lab Active-Books are cross-curricular, multimodal, project-based topic studies that can be downloaded as a PDF or purchased as a physical booklet. RDL produces specialized, meaningful, artistic, relevant, and timely curriculum for each of our Active-Books. We feel taking the SMART approach helps students to be more engaged and for families to be confident in the quality of educational materials that we delivery.


Your physical copy RDL Activity-Book will be mailed to you via USPS within 7-10 business days of placing your order. Your Active-Book package will includes:

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  • STEM focused with healthy doses of history and language arts.

  • Hands-on projects that get kids away from the screen and engaging their imaginations.

  • Activity pages and supporting materials for at home learning.

  • RDL recommended sources and resources to keep the ah-ha moments going.

  • New collectable enamel achievement pin with every order.

New topics and Active-Books are released each month.​

U.S. Elections and Government

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